Gifts That Keep On Giving...OCC's Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is a pool of contributions started in 1990 that is permanently held by the church and invested by the Endowment Committee.
Donors who contribute to endowment positively impact OCC’s ministry and programs now and in perpetuity. 

  • How Does the Church Use the Money?

    Endowment Fund interest has provided OCC with nearly $169,000 over the 18 years since the first payout in 2000. In 2018 OCC received $15,615. It makes a difference. The list below documents the ways Endowment has supported the work of Okemos Community Church.


    Click here to see a list of the projects funded since 2000.

  • How can I help support the endowment fund?

    An endowment gift can be made at any time by placing a donation in special envelopes found in the pews and placing them in the offering plate. Be sure to designate that your gift is for Endowment; otherwise, it may be directed elsewhere in the church. You can also designate a donation to Endowment as part of an estate plan, an Charitable Gift Annuity, or an IRA or Section 401(k) plan.   

  • other gifts that support endowment

    No gift is too large or too small and they are all tax deductible.  Gifts can be made at any time through special envelopes located in the pews, or you can contact the church for information. Cash contributions are the most common type of gift but the fund can also accept stocks, bonds, property or almost any other financial instrument including life insurance policies. Gifts can also be made to memorialize friends and relatives and to honor a special individual, family, or event (Living Gift Program).


    Click here for instructions on how to honor an individual or event.


  • Can I contribute to the Fund indirectlY?

    Yes. You can support the Capital Region Community Foundation (CRCF) and support the OCC Endowment Fund at the same time by designating your CRCF contribution to fund number 779 - Okemos Community Church Endowment Fund. Your gift will be invested and administered by the CRCF with income distributed annually to the OCC Endowment Fund.


    Gifts to the CRCF can be made on-line by visiting their website at: or by mailing them a check.

  • How Can I get More information?

    For more information about making current and future gifts to the Endowment Fund, you can contact any member of the Endowment Committee, or the Pastor. The church office can give you the name and contact information for any member.